VICTORIA VYACHESLAVOVNA DUDNIK charged with torture of a companion animal

- Utah, USA -

On Saturday, November 14, South Ogden Police arrested 21-year-old VICTORIA VYACHESLAVOVNA DUDNIK (pictured below), of South Ogden.

Formal charges were filed against DUDNIK the Monday following her arrest.

She was charged with third-degree felony torture of a companion animal.

~ Original story:

On September 15, a landlord called South Ogden Animal Control to a residence in the 6100 block of 1275 East to pick up several animals.

Officers discovered a dead kitten wrapped in a washcloth who had been put in a cardboard box, three live cats, and an approximately 5 months old female Shetland Sheepdog mix, Evangeline, who was critically injured.

Police were also called in.

The police report stated the puppy “could not stand up and smelled very strongly of infection.”

When DUDNIK was questioned, she told police she had found the dog injured on a road.

Police also found “blood and animal feces on the walls, floor and clothing throughout the house.”

Ms. Melanie Thompson, who is an internal medicine specialist at Mountain West Veterinary Specialists, said: “This is definitely horrible abuse, and I have called it torture. She could not walk, see or hear and had blood coming out of her ear.”

Evangeline had skull fractures, a broken jaw, a healed right leg fracture, a broken shoulder, a crippling hip injury and broken ribs.

According to the affidavit, DUDNIK then said she “neglected seeking medical attention for the dog because she could not afford it.”

Ms. Thompson repaired the furbaby’s hip with surgery, while the other fractures were in various stages of healing when she was brought in and since then “she just kind of healed on her own.”

She said: “The little girl just kept progressing and now she seems to be out of pain for the most part. She's still blind, we think, but she can hear again.”

Ms. Thompson praised greatly the work done by the vets otherwise Evangeline would have been euthanized.

Ms. Thompson also said the injuries Evangeline suffered had been inflicted over time, not in one supposed accident.

Ms. Thompson fell in love with Evangeline and immediately decided to adopt her.

She said Evangeline fits right in with the family and described her as affectionate, gentle, and happy.

She said: “She loves my cat, my two other dogs and my child. I just laid eyes on her and had to have her. She was just adorable.”

Police also booked DUDNIK on suspicion of two third-degree felony charges of drug distribution and two counts of misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia.

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