Two unconnected incidents of animal abuse caught on video – Three dogs rescued and safe (for now)

- Texas, USA -

Three dogs are safe (for now) thanks to the intervention of Houston Police Department and Harris County Precinct One.

In two different and unrelated cases, acts of horrific animal abuse were caught on video allowing the authorities to intervene and rescue the defenseless and voiceless victims.

In the first case, a Labrador-mix puppy was choked and thrown out of an apartment in Greenspoint.

The puppy’s guardian was caught on video strangling the dog on the back porch before taking him inside and then tossing the puppy out the front door.

It’s truly gut-wrenching to watch it on video!

On April 24, a warrant was served by Harris County Constable Precinct 1, and the puppy was rescued by the Houston SPCA, where he will be cared for until a hearing.

Here is the problem with this case, The Chron reports that Precinct 1 Office spokesman Kevin Quinn said: “Precinct 1 sought criminal charges of animal cruelty, but the Harris County District Attorney's Office did not accept those charges, citing lack of sufficient evidence.”

In the second case, the victims are a dog and a puppy.

An appalling video shows a despicable person stabbing the dog in the face with a knife while the furbaby is tied with shoestrings.

On May 4, both furbabies were rescued and are now being treated and cared for at the Houston SPCA.

Medical staff is also treating these innocent souls for fleas and skin issues.

They will remain in the rescue’s care until a hearing is scheduled.



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