Twisted teenager filmed herself giving vodka to her dog and posted video online

- Ukraine -

An 18-year-old girl posted a sickening video online in which she can be seen pouring strong alcohol into a bowl for her dog to drink.

The video shows the nameless witch pouring what is believed to be vodka, and while she is filming, she can be heard saying: “Here is some vodka for my beloved pet. Now we are going to find out how it will affect him.”

The cruel teenager then laughs as the poor furbaby runs away after drinking the booze and starts shaking uncontrollably.

Police tracked the teen down.

She told officers: “It was a game. My friends and I were challenging each other with different tasks. I was told to get my dog drunk. I regret what I did.”

A police spokesman said: "The suspect, who abused the dog, confessed to the crime."

She was charged with animal cruelty and faces a ridiculous fine of up to 8,500 Ukrainian hryvnias ($315).

The dog is recuperating from this senseless ordeal but it’s unclear whether or not he was removed from the sick and dangerous teen.


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