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Teenager arrested after being caught on video brutally abusing his dog unable to fight back

- Florida, USA -

A resident of Covington Drive in Deltona, captured on their security camera the incomprehensible abuse inflicted on a defenseless dog by a teenager.

Thankfully, the resident passed the footage onto Deltona Animal Control and the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office was able to arrest the 17-year-old male who can be seen in the video savagely attacking the dog unable to fight back.

According to a press release by the sheriff’s office, the video, timestamped the night of Tuesday, March 14, 2023, showed the male going into a neighbor’s yard to retrieve his dog after he/she ran away. “He picked up the dog by the neck and carried it back toward his house, where he lifted it in the air and slammed it to the ground. He straddled the dog, began punching it in the face and head again and again, then grabbed its head and slammed it into the ground multiple times. The video footage was accompanied by audio, which recorded the dog yelping during the abuse,” stated the release.

Deltona Animal Control took custody of the dog and took him/her to a local animal hospital for examination.

Deputies arrested the unnamed teenager and charged with aggravated animal cruelty. He was transported to the Family Resource Center for processing his charge. Following processing, he was released to his grandmother’s custody by the Department of Juvenile Justice.

The sheriff’s office said that “The defendant’s grandmother confirmed she witnessed the incident and informed deputies she told her grandson to stop hurting the dog. She said she disciplined her grandson after the incident.”

Note below in the gallery how the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office addressed the post: “*Warning to animal lovers: This post describes a felony animal abuse case*”, as if crime has a selective audience and animal cruelty should only interest those who love animals!

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WESH – April 3, 2023

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