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RICHARD ARMITAGE arrested for cutting his puppy’s tail off with a knife

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

- Pennsylvania, USA -

Pennsylvania State Police received a report of a man who was seen swinging a white puppy in circles around his head with a harness and responded to the 2800 block of Route 220 in Ulster to investigate.

The poor furbaby was reported to be yelping in pain as a result.

An investigation revealed that not only the dog’s tail had been cut off several weeks ago, but its wound had not healed properly.

Police questioned 50-year-old RICHARD ARMITAGE JR. (pictured below).

ARMITAGE admitted to cutting the puppy’s tail off with a knife and said he never took him to a vet.

The furbaby, named Ryder, was taken to Bradford County Humane Society for care.

Ryder was covered in fleas and will have to have surgery next week to remove a vertebra to allow his tail to recover.

I have visited Bradford County Humane Society’s Facebook page hoping to find updates on the furbaby, but I could not find any.

ARMITAGE has been charged with animal cruelty and was arraigned in District Court.

In a fair world, someone would cut ARMITAGE’s babymaker with a knife and leave it to not heal properly.

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