PAMELA MEYER and GEORGE MEYER charged with failure to provide sustenance (veterinary services)

- New York, USA -

Officials from Lollypop Farm say PAMELA MEYER and GEORGE MEYER have been arrested in connection with the January fire at the house on 14 Kreag Road in Perinton, from which they rescued 100 cats living in poor conditions.

On the early morning of January 14, 2021, the fire crew who responded to the fire report discovered a potential hoarding situation and alerted Humane Law Enforcement investigators.

GEORGE MEYER told officials that approximately thirty cats were living in the home.

However, through the course of the day, Lollypop Farm staff removed a total of ninety-seven (97) cats and kittens from the property.

Three more cats were humanely trapped in the days following.

Vice-President for Humane Law Enforcement Reno DiDomenico said: “The conditions that these cats were living in were extremely unsanitary and inhumane.

Inside the residence there were areas where feces had built to being inches thick.

While the cats were being removed, officers discovered several dead ones and according to Lollypop Farm, the furbabies appeared to have decomposed and passed prior to the fire.

Mr. DiDomenico explained that: “Many of the cats required extensive veterinary services and other forms of care due to their living conditions.”

So far, forty-eight cats have found new homes.

As for the couple, PAMELA MEYER and GEORGE MEYER have been charged with failure to provide sustenance (veterinary services).

The charge is only a MISDEMEANOR offense that could lead up to only a $1,000 fine and/or up to only one year in prison. A joke!

The pair were scheduled to appear at Perinton Town Court on April 13, 2021.

I have not found updates on the outcome of their court appearance.

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