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NYLES REYLITO ANDRES threw a caged dog into a fire

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

- Idaho, USA -

On Monday afternoon, June 1, a deputy with the Canyon County Sheriff’s Office went to a home in Caldwell where he saw a large fire near the front of the residence.

The deputy witnessed 29-year-old NYLES REYLITO ANDRES (pictured below), throwing a metal kennel in the flames and in the kennel, there was a large brown dog.

In an affidavit the deputy said: “I could see the dog being burnt by the fire. As I got closer, (Andres) saw me and kicked the dog off the fire."

ANDRES had a hatchet in one hand, and a 6-inch hunting knife in the other one.

He started stabbing the poor injured furbaby after releasing him from the kennel.

At that point the deputy ordered this monster to stop and drop the weapons.

He was then arrested.

The dog had severe burns to the legs and lower body, and was taken to a local veterinary clinic for treatment.

The accused told the deputy that he was at the home to confront a woman, but she wasn't there.

Three children were inside the property who had barricaded themselves in a room, and they claimed ANDRES threatened to kill them and their mother.

NYLES REYLITO ANDRES faces multiple charges including MISDEMEANOR animal cruelty after what he put the innocent dog through!

ANDRES was taken to West Valley Medical Center in Caldwell before being booked in the Canyon County Jail.

The day following his arrest, ANDRES was arraigned via video.

He has a preliminary hearing on June 16.

NYLES REYLITO ANDRES is being held on a $750,000 bond in the Canyon County Jail.

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