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On April 30, the Norman Police Department executed a search warrant at Rock Creek Farm on 5500 East Rock Creek Road in Norman.

Hundreds of domestic and exotic animals were found severely malnourished.

Police said most of the animals were deprived of food and water and lived in deplorable conditions.

KFOR reports that court documents stated the animals “appeared to be malnourished and eating bark off of the trees.”

Sarah Jensen, with the Norman Police Department, told KFOR: “It was apparent this malnourishment and lack of care have been going on for a while.”

She said: “Two animals actually died after we removed them from the property due to malnourishment.”

Reportedly, two baby ibexes are the ones who died.

Three hundred fifty-six (356) animals, 80 different species in all, were found on the property and removed with the assistance of several agencies including Oklahoma Wildlife Department.

The Cleveland County District Attorney’s Office has now filed 18 counts of animal cruelty against 41-year-old Dr. AARON TRENT STACHMUS, his husband 31-year-old BRYSON JACOB ANGLIN, both owners of the farm, and caretaker 37-year-old MARK WAYNE PARKER (all pictured below).

When officers executed the search warrant, PARKER was at the ranch and according to, court documents show that PARKER told investigators he was only in charge of feeding and providing water to the large animals, not the smaller ones.

Ms. Jensen rightfully pointed out: “But even those large animals were still showing signs of malnourishment.”

Police also said STACHMUS and ANGLIN were already under investigation by the city because of the exotic animals they kept illegally.

Ms. Jensen explained: “They were working with the city to have these animals relocated to an area that would be appropriate and within city ordinance.”

Officials said the animals have been moved to sanctuaries and rescues across the state.

STACHMUS is not only charged with animal abuse but now his veterinarian license is also at stake.

In fact, the Oklahoma Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners served him a complaint and citation at his clinic.

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KFOR – May 13, 2021

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