Male identified as CESAR N accused of breeding and butchering dogs and selling their meat arrested

- Mexico -

On Wednesday, September 9, officials with the Office of Environmental Crimes and Urban Protection executed a search warrant on a property on 51 Bellini Street, in the neighborhood of the ex Hipódromo de Peralvillo in Mexico City.

The property owner, identified only as 50-year-old CESAR N, is accused of breeding and butchering dogs before selling their meat.

He was taken into custody.

ABC 8 News reports that those who have lived next to CESAR N for years, call him “El Mata Perros,” or “Dog Killer.”

Twenty-seven dogs were found in the property in various stages of neglect.

Thirteen females and fourteen males were rescued and transported to a shelter to be examined.

A preliminary evaluation showed that many dogs were in deplorable conditions, showed signs of parasites, and were suffering from skin lesions.

The following day CESAR N appeared in court to face animal cruelty charges.

According to El Sol de México, the neighbors said that for 10 years they have reported CESAR N for picking up homeless dogs from the street with the intent to kill them and sell their meat, but no one stepped in to take action against him.

El Sol de México reports that one of the neighbors said: “The man is very violent with everyone here, he has around 30 dogs in totally dire conditions. The smell that comes out of his house is unbearable, perhaps it is because of all the dead dogs that he already has stored there.”

Some women from the neighborhood said that CESAR N has also a history of violence against women and that he was even held in the Penitentiary System.

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