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MALAKI DAWONE RICHARDSON facing charges for savagely beating one of his puppies close to death

- West Virginia, USA -

The Fairmont Police Department arrested 20-years-old MALAKI DAWONE RICHARDSON (pictured), of Clarksburg.

The Fairmont Police Department tells me that on September 5, 2023, a 911 call reported a male, later identified as RICHARDSON, beating his two dogs. In the email, Police identified the two dogs as Queen and her brother, an 8-10-week-old Boxer named King.

Officers were dispatched to an apartment on Locust Avenue but when they arrived RICHARDSON had already left the apartment with the dogs.

The reporting party told officers that “the brown dog appeared to be barely breathing, completely limp, and had blood coming out of [its] mouth with [its] tongue hanging out the side.”

Officers were told by the apartment’s manager that dogs were not allowed in the complex.

Police were able to enter RICHARDSON’s apartment and saw “puppy pee pads with blood on them.”

Another witness told officers that RICHARDSON was punching King, that he would “usually” whip him and that “the whippings started to get worse.” According to WDTV, the same witness also told Police that RICHARDSON “beat the dog until it was literally dead,” and added that he then “started to rub the dog’s stomach to bring it back to life.”

Naturally, after hearing about all the cruel and barbaric abuse inflicted upon a small, defenseless creature, officers thought King was dead. Thankfully, Police located RICHARDSON and King at Hickman Run Animal Hospital.

RICHARDSON was placed under arrest on the scene. He justified his savagery by saying that King had torn up the bathroom. RICHARDSON described the gory details of how he raged against King. RICHARDSON said that he grabbed King by the scruff of the neck and “beat its ass.” RICHARDON further admitted to holding King up in the air while hitting him repeatedly in the front leg area.

RICHARDSON is facing cruelty to animals charges and according to arrest records, he is being held at North Central Regional Jail on a $40,512 bond.

The Voiceless Victims were seized by Marion County Animal Control. Queen “appeared to be small, trembling, and in fear”, said Police.

Fairmont Police tell me that they followed up with one of the veterinarians and learned that King has been renamed Hercules. Hercules, as you can imagine, has sustained serious injuries. Police tell me the vet “indicated that injuries included 3 broken spinal processes; Head trauma to include swelling, bruising, and bloody eyes.”

Fairmont Police underlined the “great job” of the Marion County Animal Control and their Officer Greynolds in this case. Police tell me Officer Greynolds met with officers at the animal hospital when he took custody of Queen. Additionally, Officer Greynolds “facilitated the care for Hercules by transporting him back and forth between the Original Veterinary clinic and our Emergency Vet Clinic (Hercules needed around the clock care/monitoring that necessitated his transfer to different vets to afford this level of care). The Doctors were great!”

Fairmont Police are continuing to gather evidence in this case.

Meanwhile, Marion County West Virginia Humane Society - No Kill Shelter advised that both furvictims are now in their care and Queen has been renamed Artemis.

I cannot begin to tell you how desperately the nonprofit needs donations to face the medical bills of the furvictims in their care. If you wish, and can afford to help out, please click here. Thank you!

RICHARDSON, you ignorant savage! Is that how your mama treated you as a child every time you did something that you were not supposed to do? Do you think that the law should show you any compassion? Your logic should be applied to you! You deserve a good beating!

Voice For Us Disclaimer: This story is sourced from official news outlets. Links included.

Details may be removed or additional information may be provided in future should such sources report an update.

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RICHARDSON’s mugshot shared from the WV Regional Jail & Correctional Facility.

Voiceless Victims’ pictures were provided to Voice For Us by the Fairmont Police Department.

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