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KIERRA LATRICE STURGIS and LEMOND LYDELL WILLIAMS SR arrested for animal cruelty and neglect

- Maryland, USA -

The Worcester County Sheriff’s Office announced the arrest of 31-years-old KIERRA LATRICE STURGIS and 47-years-old LEMOND LYDELL WILLIAMS SR (both pictured – via Facebook).

In a media release, the sheriff's office said that on October 2, 2023, Worcester County Animal Control responded to a property in the 500 block of Bonneville Avenue in Pocomoke after receiving an animal complaint.

On the front porch of the residence, officers saw a crate with two dogs inside. Sadly, one of them was deceased.

The investigation and evidence at the scene indicated that there were more neglected dogs but STURGIS and WILLIAMS, the residents, refused to meet with animal control officers.

The sheriff’s office said that with the assistance of the Worcester County Bureau of Investigation, a search and seize warrant was authored and approved.

Once inside the property, officers found two more dogs. According to the release, the furvictims were “extremely emaciated and in poor condition.” There was no food or water for the poor souls.

Worcester County Animal Control removed the Voiceless Victims who are now being treated by a veterinarian.

STURGIS and WILLIAMS were charged with thirty-six (36) counts of animal cruelty and animal neglect, including four (4) felony charges of aggravated animal cruelty.

Online records show that STURGIS and WILLIAMS are being held at the Worcester County Detention Center without bond and are awaiting trial.

According to court records, STURGIS and WILLIAMS are expected to appear at Worcester District Court on December 29, 2023, at 9:00 a.m. before Judge Gerald V. Purnell.

Authorities did not disclose the name of the deceased furbaby, so I took the liberty of naming him/her Aster for the tribute image. Should his/her given name be made public, I will rectify it accordingly.

Voice For Us Disclaimer: This story is sourced from official news outlets. Link included.

Details may be removed or additional information may be provided in future should such sources report an update.

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I Hope The Two POS' Rot In Hell

Judy A Canon
Judy A Canon
Nov 28, 2023
Replying to

Oh they will!!!


Judy A Canon
Judy A Canon
Nov 25, 2023

I pray that gluttonous smile is wiped from this wanker’s face! Sitting in jail is exactly what they deserve & I hope it’s cold so they will experience a little what those precious souls endured. RIP ASTER.

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