KASEY WISE facing another criminal charge after her dog died for being left in a hot car overnight

- Ohio, USA -

31-years-old KASEY WISE (pictured below) has a history of animal-related violations and is facing another criminal charge after her dog died for being left in a hot car overnight.

Parma Police Department say that on the afternoon of June 10, WISE called 911 to report that her Husky named Sage, was locked inside her vehicle, a 2018 Kia, and was motionless.

In the call to 911 and published on FOX 8, this is what was said:

WISE: “My dog is locked in the car and I don’t have a spare key.”

Dispatcher: “How long’s he been in there?

WISE: “He’s been in there quite a while.”

Dispatcher: “What’s quite a while?

WISE: “Since last night.”

Body camera footage of the officer who responded to WISE’s home on 4407 Kenmore Avenue, shows the officer unlocking the vehicle while WISE was on the phone.

When the officer found Sage, lifeless on the floorboard behind the driver seat, he called in Parma Animal Control and officer Julie Kocik responded to the scene.

Officer Kocik looked inside the car, pronounced the furbaby dead and became understandably upset.

She told the officer to arrest WISE.

The officer then informed WISE that she was being detained while he was investigating the incident but she ignored the warning and kept talking on the phone.

WISE was then placed in a police car and more officers arrived on the scene.

During the course of the investigation, WISE changed her version and told the police officer that Sage had been in the vehicle since noon and claimed that she put him there to stay cool with the air conditioning on because it was too hot inside the home, but then the car battery died.

WISE can be heard saying in the video: “My car was running the whole time, and then I took him out, and then put him back in with the car running like I do, and the car died.”

According to an incident report, a neighbor told investigators that WISE had put Sage in the vehicle for extended periods of time in the past.

Dan Ciryak, Public Information Officer with Parma police, said that WISE has had at least 20 animal-related criminal citations dating back to September 2020, including:

· Animal running at large

· Failure to comply with the requirements for a dangerous dog

· Failure to comply with Rabies vaccination requirements

· Failure to comply with animal registration

· Failure to comply with quarantine

PIO Ciryak then said in a statement: “Ohio law deems animals as property and limits an animal control officer’s authority. Parma’s animal control officer was not legally permitted to take possession of the dog based on the defendant’s prior offenses.”

WISE’s case has been transferred from Parma Municipal Court to the Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas.

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