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JASMINE VELASQUEZ arrested for punching, kicking, and hitting with a glass bottle her service dog

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

- Massachusetts, USA -

~ Update: December 27, 2023


I heard back from the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office and learned that the case was scheduled for a pre-trial hearing on Monday, December 18, 2023, “however it was resolved by a plea the same day.”  VELASQUEZ was sentenced to two years in the House of Correction suspended for two years “with the conditions she attend anger management, surrender ownership of her dog, and not own any other animals.”


This essentially means that VELASQUEZ will be on probation for two years and will need to comply with those conditions, if not, she serves two years in the House of Correction.


The Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office further told me that VELASQUEZ “signed the animal surrender form in court that day.”


~ Original story:

The Boston Police Department arrested a female who was witnessed kicking, punching, and repeatedly striking her dog with a glass bottle.

According to a press release by Boston police, on the evening of Tuesday, November 21, 2023, officers “were conducting a walk and talk in the area of the Boston Common when they could hear the noise of a crying dog.”

A passerby advised officers that a female, later identified as 27-years-old JASMINE VELASQUEZ (pictured), was beating a dog in the area of 131 Tremont Street.

Police said that as officers approached VELASQUEZ, “they observed the suspect kick the dog”, so they quickly took the Voiceless Victim, a 5-year-old male Australian Cattle named Rocky, and put him in a safe spot as there was broken glass and unknown liquid on the ground.

As part of the investigation, officers interviewed multiple witnesses and they all gave the same version of the facts. They all stated that that VELASQUEZ punched and kicked Rocky and repeatedly struck him with a glass bottle.

VELASQUEZ was placed under arrest and charged with animal cruelty and assault and battery on a police officer.

According to police, Animal Control took custody of Rocky.

On Wednesday, November 22, 2023, VELASQUEZ appeared at Boston Municipal Court for her arraignment.

Prosecutor Sam Jones for the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office told the judge that police obtained street camera footage and officers were able to see that VELASQUEZ “hit the dog with the open right hand one time, hit the dog with the glass bottle eleven times, and kick the dog three times.” He went on to say that when VELASQUEZ was in the booking cell after her arrest, she was uncooperative with officers and at one point she spat at one of the officers.

Jones requested VELASQUEZ be held on $1,500 cash bail and that she stay away from witnesses connected to the case and have no animals in her custody.

VELASQUEZ’s defense attorney, Denise Moore, told the judge that her client lives at the Pine Street Inn and has a four-month-old son who is in state custody. In her pathetic attempt to defend her evil client, Moore went on to tell the judge that VELASQUEZ is not working at this time because she is disabled. VELASQUE “fractured her tibia last year and she’s still recovering”, said Moore and then added: “She still has balance and ambulation issues. That’s why she has the service dog to assist her with ambulation.”

The judge told Moore he read the word “kicking” on the documents and asked her: “What am I missing?”

VELASQUEZ sobbed and cried the whole time and while in tears she told the judge that she had to go to see her son. VELASQUEZ remains behind bars and her pre-trial hearing was scheduled for December 18, 2023.

VELASQUEZ, you must have kicked Rocky with your good leg then….. If you have balance problems, I suggest a stick! You had a chance to be in court and show your pathetic self to the judge. Rocky, however, could not be in court and cry before a judge. Animals cannot describe their pain and abuse. Keep THAT in mind the next time that you demand respect for your useless life!

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