JAMES WHITLEY arrested for senselessly and brutally beating a dog to death

- Alabama, USA -

An innocent dog was SENSELESSLY and brutally beaten to death and his murderer was released less than four hours after his arrest!

Jill Burgett told News 19 that she went back home on Monday, April 5, and “her normal greeter, a 3-year-old Jack Russell Terrier mix named Jax, was nowhere to be found.”

Burgett explained that the last person who saw Jax was her ex-boyfriend, 44-year-old JAMES WHITLEY (pictured below).

She called him and texted him but he never got back to her.

She told News 19: “All week I found blood evidence and I found a bloody rag in my garbage can and I knew something bad had happened.

One of the devastating and sickening parts of the story is that Burgett found Jax’s body three and a half days later on the side of a Hartselle road.

Burgett said Jax was in WHITLEY’s duffel bag and was able to find him with WHITLEY’s instructions.

Burgett showed News 19 the now dry blood, smeared and stained on her mattress, box spring, bed frame, and flood board.

She told News 19: “You can tell that my Jax fought for his life. He was trying to get out and I feel like he was trapped.”

According to Burgett, WHITLEY confessed to fatally beating Jax with a wrench.

Arab Police, however, would not confirm that WHITLEY confessed but there was enough evidence to take him into custody.

Burgett told News 19 she feels guilty about Jax’s death because she knows WHITLEY has a quick temper and did not like Jax.

He even hit her causing her bruises back in January and she had to call the police.

While Burgett is disappointed that WHITLEY was released, Voice For Us is furious with the judge that allowed a murderer to be back on the streets.

If that dog had been a person, I doubt WHITLEY would be walking our streets.

That’s the problem right there!

The killing of an animal MUST be dealt with the same as the killing of a human being!

Life is life whether it comes on legs, paws, or wings!

Shame on you judge!

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