JAHEIM H. HOAGLAND arrested after dogs found in his property starved and in deplorable condition -

- New Jersey, USA -

Somerset County Prosecutor Michael H. Robertson, Somerset County Prosecutor’s Office Chief of County Detectives John W. Fodor and Hillsborough Township Chief of Police Michael McMahon announced the arrest of 44-years-old JAHEIM H. HOAGLAND (pictured below), a nationally known rapper, of Chamberlain Drive in Hillsborough.

A news release by the Somerset County Prosecutors’ Office stated that on the morning of Monday, September 6, the Hillsborough Township Police Department was dispatched to the area of River Road and Chamberlain Drive to investigate a report about a puppy being in distress.

Hillsborough Patrol units canvassed the area and discovered six dogs who were being kept in separate crates in the driveway of a Chamberlain Drive residence.

One of the furbabies was found “initially unresponsive in a water filled crate and subsequently had to be euthanized”, stated the release.

The release goes on to say that inside the residence, officers located additional dogs in crates “which were partially filled with several inches of water and dog feces.”

Outside the residence, officers located the homeowner identified as HOAGLAND and placed him under arrest for an unrelated Somerset County Violation of Probation Warrant, along with two active Municipal Court Warrants from Hillsborough Township and Newark, New Jersey.

While waiting for Animal Control Officers from Animal Control Solutions to arrive on the scene, officers took care of the furry and voiceless victims and as they were tending to them, officers heard barking coming from inside the property.

Hillsborough Township Police officers then discovered nine additional dogs inside the residence. The poor souls were found in “varying stages of emaciation, without access to food and water. Two of the recovered dogs were transported to AnimERge veterinarian for emergency treatment due to their poor condition”, stated Prosecutor Robertson.

The news release gave the following breakdown of the dogs located in HOAGLAND’s residence:

· A total of 12 Mixed breed Pitbull Terriers, 2 American Staffordshire Terriers, and 1 Mixed breed Boxer were recovered.

· 1 Mixed breed Pitbull Terrier was euthanized.

· Additional 14 dogs were examined and released to Long Hill Kennel in Hillsborough.

HOAGLAND was charged with 3rd degree animal cruelty and failure to provide necessary care to an animal, a Disorderly Persons offense.

He was lodged at the Somerset County Jail pending a detention hearing.

On Friday, September 10, the detention hearing took place during which Somerset County Assistant Prosecutor Ryan Quinones showed Superior Court Judge Peter Tober pictures of the dogs kept in crates with brown water covering their paws.

Quinones said: “It’s gut-wrenching.”

Quinones revealed to judge Tober that a preliminary necropsy by the State Police found that the deceased dog was severely malnourished and dehydrated.

The necropsy additionally found that the furbaby’s stomach was partially filled with wood chips that he ate “to survive”.

Quinones also told judge Tober that HOAGLAND had faced previous animal cruelty charges.

Quinones rightfully argued that HOAGLAND should be detained in the Somerset County Jail pending his trial because he has failed to appear in Superior Court and municipal court more than a dozen times.

Judge Tober however, an animal cruelty enabler, released HOAGLAND “on the condition that he report weekly to pre-trial services and he not have any pets”, reports My Central Jersey.

According to My Central Jersey, HOAGLAND told the judge: “You are a very fair judge. I will not run. I have no reason to run.”

Emma Pallarino, the public defender who represented HOAGLAND at the detention hearing, said he has “a somewhat serious health issue.”

Hmm, where did I hear that before? This scum is well enough to get on stage and perform and make money, but when it comes to take care of living beings HE CHOSE to have, then, he’s sick.

HOAGLAND is not sick!!! He is a rich worthless individual who thinks his money and power will buy him a favorable verdict. We have seen it before!!!!

JAHEIM H. HOAGLAND, let me ask you something, before becoming a rich and famous rapper, did you live in a dump? Did your parents keep you in diapers with your own feces?

Just what makes you think that it is ok for a human being to have a decent life but it’s not ok to give the same decency to other living beings?

The lives of those innocent dogs did not matter to you, do not expect that your life matters to me.

The Hillsborough Township Police Department said the case is still under investigation and anyone with information regarding this matter should come forward and speak up for the VOICELESS VICTIMS.

Please, contact the Somerset County Prosecutors Office Chief Humane Officer at (908) - 575 -3353 or the Hillsborough Township Police Department at (908) - 369 - 4323. Thank you!

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