Investigation into an animal hoarding case underway following a complaint of animal abuse

- Pennsylvania, USA -

An animal cruelty complaint led to an animal hoarding investigation.

GoErie reports that on Tuesday, May 25, the Erie Humane Society received a report from two people who had witnessed a woman stomping a dog in the head at a property on Lighthouse Street in Erie.

Ms. Lisa Stiles, the Humane Society's chief cruelty officer, said that that when officers went to the home to investigate, no one answered the door but they could see inside the property a number of animals in cages.

Hours later, the Erie Humane Society Cruelty Division with assistance from the Erie Police Department executed a warrant that led to the removal of cats, kittens, dogs, and puppies.

A total of fifteen cats and thirty dogs were removed.

Sadly, one cat was found dead.

Ms. Stiles said the poor animals have health complications including flea infestation, dental issues, and ear and skin infections.

As reported by YourErie, “The owner of the animals is a woman described by the officers as a hoarder who they also dealt with in 2010.”

The Erie Humane Society advised the public through a Facebook post that the following day the shelter was going to be closed so that staff could tend to the poor souls rescued from the hellish place.

All the furbabies are being examined by veterinarians.

One of them, a female puppy whom the shelter named Coco (last 4 pictures), was found with deformed back legs that inhibit her mobility so the shelter is working on getting a wheelchair that will give her independence to move as she pleases.

The shelter said Coco is scared, but incredibly sweet and added that her “face transform from a look of complete sadness to pure joy and life shining through. She craves love and affection and just when you think she’s satisfied, she reaches out for more.”

In a recent update, The Erie Humane Society wrote that “Little Coco and her friend, Stella, as well as mama Carmella and her 3 pups are thoroughly enjoying every bit of their large spaces to move around, clean blankets and fluffy beds to relax and sleep on, clean water, fresh food, toys, trimmed nails, a good bath, and medicine.”

The shelter also said “Every pet has enjoyed a bath. The dogs that were desperately needing grooming are enjoying their glow-ups. The pets are loving the attention and endless amount of love they are getting. They look so comfortable and relaxed in their spaces, and are already on the right path to recovery.”

According to the shelter, “Officer Carroll was able to make contact with the owner and she has signed ownership of all the animals over to the Erie Humane Society. Our officers are still in the process of building their case and filing charges.”

The Erie Humane Society needs our help to better handle this situation and to make sure that these innocent souls can have a second chance in life.

The list of needed items includes:

* Canned pâté style cat food

* Purina one or Purina Kitten Chow

* Dog and puppy food (Purina or Redford brand preferred)

* New or gently used towels and blankets

* Paper towels

* Floor cleaner

* Sanitizing wipes

Alternatively, if you can afford to make a monetary donation, please click here. Thank you!

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