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Imagine a world with giant dogs and cats & miniature people

Voice For Us has prepared a series of images based on events that happen with heartbreaking regularity.

The exaggerated size of animals and humans has been used so that people can visualize what it would be like to be the ones suffering and being abused.

Many of us often refer to animal abusers mainly as ‘cowards’ for going after someone who cannot fight back, someone who is defenseless and helpless, someone who cannot call for help or report the abuse they have suffered.

Many of us have been the victims of abuse and needed someone to speak on our behalf to defend us and set us free.

At some point in our lives many of us may experience abuse, cruelty, and injustice.

Wouldn’t you expect someone to intervene and help you when you are vulnerable and helpless?

Wouldn’t you want someone to be your voice, to be on your side, supporting you and fighting the injustice?

Imagine being forced to do things against your will and not being able to say “NO!”

Imagine living in a neglectful situation and being deprived of basic necessities.

Is it less important if the one needing help is an animal? NO!

Animals are and MUST be treated as sentient beings.

Imagine if the situation was reversed and we lived in a world where animals felt ‘superior’ because they COULD target humans unable to fight back…

Through Voice For Us I will always fight injustice on animals no matter where it comes from.

This is the first image of the series.

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