GEORGE JOHNATHAN SAVOY arrested after 65 cows were found dead and more than 230 malnourished

- Montana, USA -

The Cascade County Sheriff's Office (CCSO) arrested GEORGE JOHNATHAN SAVOY (pictured below), after at least 65 cows were found dead on his property on Mission Road.

According to the Sheriff’s Office Facebook post, there is an estimated additional 230 head of cattle still starving.

On Tuesday, March 31, the CCSO held a special meeting to obtain emergency funding to begin the process of feeding and watering the cattle.

Sheriff Jesse Slaughter wrote in a Facebook post: “Thanks to a team effort by the Cascade County Commissioner's, Cascade County Attorney's, Public Works, and the State Livestock Inspector, we now have temporary food and water on the way to the property."

Calves and cows are in critical condition and commissioners are working on a long-term care solution for them.

This requires significant manpower as well as financial help.

Sheriff Slaughter said that at the time of the post, neighbors were helping and donations started to arrive.

If you can afford to donate, please deliver it(payable to Cascade County) to the Cascade County Sheriff's Office @ 3800 Ulm North Frontage Rd, Great Falls MT 59404 or donate online to contribute a tax-deductible donation.

Thank you!

GEORGE JOHNATHAN SAVOY was charged with one count of aggravated animal cruelty.

If convicted, he faces a fine up to $2,500 and up to 2 years in prison or both.



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