FREDA GILMORE arrested after being found with a dead puppy in her jacket pocket

- Kanahua County, West Virginia, USA -

On October 14, Charleston Police responded to a fight between two females.

One of the two was 27-year-old FREDA GILMORE.

Police learned that GILMORE had a dead puppy in her jacket pocket and when officers asked her to take her hands out of her pockets she refused and walked away.

The woman and two officers got into a fight and a bystander filmed the whole incident.

The video was uploaded online and it has gone viral leading to a use-of-force investigation. As a result, two officers have been placed on paid administrative leave.

In the video, while a person is on the ground, officers can be seen struggling to restrain the person and then one of the officers can be seen throwing multiple punches.

At some point a police officer standing and witnessing the incident noticed the person filming and tried to position himself in an attempt to block the recording.

GILMORE was charged with obstruction and animal cruelty.

She was arraigned Friday, October 18.

Kanawha County Public Defenders’ Office is demanding she be released from jail, filing a motion Thursday that said there is no information to support she mistreated the dog.

The dog appeared to have Parvo and was found dead in the GILMORE’s jacket pocket.


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