Forestry Development Authority (FDA) intercept cargo of bushmeat

- Liberia -

The Forestry Development Authority (FDA) with the assistance of Humane Society International – Liberia, intercepted a cargo of bushmeat, including the body parts of monkeys, chimpanzees, duikers, and pangolins.

(Bushmeat is meat from wildlife species hunted for human consumption in tropical forests).

Humane Society International - Africa, wrote in their Facebook post: “The meat was burnt on the spot in the presence of the local community to serve as a warning and a reminder that the trade of wildlife is an illegal and punishable activity.”

The post continues to say: “The illegal bushmeat trade is globally recognized as a major threat to biodiversity in the forests of Central and West Africa. Humane Society International - Africa, together with the FDA, is exploring additional ways to support Liberia in prosecuting wildlife trade offenses and increasing the FDA’s enforcement networks.”


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