Family cat killed by a neighbor who mistook her for a bobcat despite her wearing a collar and a bell

- Oklahoma, USA -

A family is mourning the senseless loss of one of their furbabies, a cat named Lucy whom they brought into the family as a kitten.

Lucy was murdered by a neighbor.

Lucy’s dad, Mr. Will Gray, told News Channel 8 that his furbaby was out and when they did not see her in the backyard they called for her and then heard a gunshot.

Mr. Gray said: “As we peered over the fence, we saw our little six-pound baby dead along the fence line. I really find it hard to believe that he did not hear us yelling for her.

On Monday, April 26, he explained to News Channel 8: “I didn’t think that she was in any danger, and it wasn’t until I peered over and saw blood coming out of her that it hit me. And even in that moment, I still wasn’t clear what had happened until we saw the neighbor, and he explained that he shot the cat.”

The family said they let Lucy out less than ten times and she must have gotten out through a small hole in the fence they share with the neighbor.

Police say the weapon that fatally shot Lucy was a pellet gun, but Mr. Gray said he saw it had a scope.

According to the Grays, the neighbor told them Lucy was on his property and claimed he could legally shoot her under Oklahoma law.

Tulsa Animal Welfare feels differently and said that based on these circumstances the neighbor might be facing an animal cruelty charge.

Tulsa Animal Welfare is investigating and a necropsy will be performed on Lucy.

The results along with the findings of the investigation will be submitted to the District Attorney’s Office for review.

If the DA chooses to press charges, the murderer will be charged with a felony punishable with up to five years or $5,000.

Reportedly, the neighbor said he thought Lucy was a bobcat.

As reported by News Channel 8, Mr. Gray doesn't believe his neighbor was fearful of his life and said: “I don't think that he really feared for his life given that he was inside of his house when he saw our animal.”

Furthermore, Lucy was wearing a collar and a bell!!!

Pete Theriot is the Senior Animal Control Investigator at Tulsa Animal Welfare and rightfully said that if people feel in danger because of an animal, there are options.

He said: “Call animal control, or call your wildlife, call the game warden if you have this issue. If you think you have a bobcat, don't try to confront it yourself.”

The Grays have a dog named Reuben, a newborn son, and a baby on the way.

Mr. Gray said: “The relationship you have with your animals is like the relationship you have with your kids.”

I agree with that and hopefully the DA will give Lucy the justice she deserves!

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