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ERICA RAVEN BLACK arrested for drowning a Chihuahua in a pool and abusing the lifeless body

- Florida, USA -

On August 11, 2022, Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey personally walked to jail 32-years-old ERICA RAVEN BLACK (pictured), as he does with all animal abusers. He always has something to say to the arrestees as they are being walked to jail, but this time he did not have much to say given the atrocious nature of this case. He simply told BLACK: “I am disgusted by you!.”

In a video posted on Facebook, Sheriff Ivey explained that BLACK was already in custody for aggravated battery with a deadly weapon where she stabbed twice a 68-year-old male in July 2022.

BLACK is accused of drowning a tiny female Chihuahua, named Sadie, in a pool. This incident, captured by a home surveillance video, happened back in October 2021, but as Sheriff Ivey said, it’s only come to light now because BLACK’s roommate came forward with the video.

The graphic footage shows BLACK entering the pool while she’s holding Sadie. She then immerses the furbaby who desperately fights with everything she got. Once Sadie passes away, BLACK leaves her floating body in the pool and records her. But that’s not sadistic enough for BLACK. In fact, the video goes on to show BLACK taking Sadie out of the water and slamming her tiny, lifeless body on the deck multiple times. BLACK then left Sadie on a sofa for several days. Finally, BLACK goes live on social media telling people what she’s done while she’s holding up Sadie.

While BLACK is at the pool murdering Sadie, two other small live dogs can be seen in the video. I will email the sheriff’s office to find out what happened to those furbabies.

BLACK is charged with felony animal cruelty.

On Friday, the filthy murderer made her first court appearance and on top of her already existing $150,000 bond for the stabbing, a judge added another $15,000 to the bond for the charge of animal cruelty.

Court records show BLACK’s arraignment is set for September 13, 2022.

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