Dog stabbed to death near the Truckee River in downtown Reno and suspect is at large

- Nevada, USA -

A family is mourning the loss of their beloved furbaby and are looking for justice.

On Sunday afternoon, March 22, Ms. Jennifer Vandermey was walking her 9-year-old dog Dino near the Truckee River in downtown Reno.

She said suddenly, a dog who was not on a leash ran towards Dino and fought him.

Ms. Vandermey said after they broke up the fight, a man pulled out a knife, stabbed Dino twice, and then ran off.

It’s unclear whether the dog who was with him is his.

Reportedly, Dino attempted to walk but then he sadly collapsed in front of Arlington Towers.

Although emergency personnel and witnesses tried everything to save him, all efforts were unsuccessful and the poor furbaby died of the injuries he sustained.

There are cameras in the area and hopefully, the authorities will be able to get a description of Dino’s murderer.

Ms. Vandermey’s cousin, Christopher Buckbee, is leading the effort to bring some sort of justice to Dino's death.

He said: "I didn't think somebody could do that to a dog."

He is encouraging anyone who witnessed the act and has a description of this despicable individual to come forward and speak with the authorities.

Everything happened so fast that the family did not get a clear look at the suspect, however, they remember a white male with black hair wearing a white shirt and a blue hat.

He may be dangerous and harm other dogs or humans.


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