Dog rescued after police investigated a video showing him being dunked into a canal by his guardian

- London, England -

Ealing Police opened an investigation after they received a disturbing video showing a male repeatedly hurling his dog into a canal.

On Tuesday, April 7, an unidentified subject, wearing a Union Jack jacket was filmed at the Grand Union Canal while he repeatedly yanked his helpless dog by his collar and dunked him into the water five times in swift succession preventing the terrorized pooch from breathing.

The sickening footage shows how the dog struggles to get out of the water.

On the fifth and last dunk, the subject forces the pup under water for a few seconds before yanking him out of the canal.

At the end of the torture, he then walks away as if nothing happened.

Many social media users tagged RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) and the Metropolitan Police.

They sharply criticized the person who shot the video for not intervening and allowing the abuse to take place.

Scotland Yard confirmed that the 37-year-old sicko was arrested and the pup is being cared for by officers.


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