Dog possibly attacked with a machete found with nose cut off and deep lacerations along his body

- Mexico -

On Thursday, April 9, the shelter Riviera Rescue AC received a call asking to help a dog in horrible shape, to put it mildly.

Matteo, the shelter’s founder, decided to break quarantine and went out to look for the soul in need, later named Virulais.

Thankfully, when he arrived at the scene reported by the caller, Virulais was still there.

He was under a car, frightened, covered in dirt, thirsty, hungry, and the pictures below are sadly self-explanatory about the wounds.

Matteo immediately rushed the furbaby to the closest doctor to get him checked out and clean his wounds.

Matteo does not know for sure what happened to this innocent baby; he suspects someone cut his face with a machete.

Except for the wound on Virulais’ face, all the others alongside his body were cleaned and stitched up.

The wound on his face is the worst one.

The shelter wrote in a Facebook post that although Virulais is eating and drinking, he is having problems breathing.

Matteo contacted a specialist in Mexico City who recommended to fly Virulais over there as soon as possible to have surgery done to fix the nose conducts and avoid future infections.

Due to COVID-19, traveling is not a viable option at the moment, and Matteo needs to find a way to fly Virulais from Cancun to New Mexico.

The Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation, a Sherman Oaks-based shelter, wrote in a Facebook post that they will be sending emergency funds to assist with the facial reconstruction surgery.

The shelter hopes to bring Virulais to their Foundation once he is completely healthy so that he can be put up for adoption.

In the meantime, if anyone can afford to donate to Virulais’ medical expenses, please do it online. Thank you!

Pictures via Riviera Rescue AC


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