Dog cruelly thrown off a bridge and into a river to drown rescued

- Romania -

I am sick and tired of hearing that amid COVID-19, people are abandoning their pets because they cannot take care of them, or because they wrongfully believe that animals can pass the virus onto humans, and so on.

A female dog was cruelly thrown off a bridge and into a river to drown by her guardian.

Thankfully, the furbaby managed to get out of the water and climbed on to the base of the bridge.

On Sunday, April 26, a young boy spotted the frightened pup, and before calling for help, he lowered a bucket on a rope with some pet food.

The sweet pooch, now called Esther (although in the video it sounds like Dester) , was first placed in the care of Paws2Rescue.

Paws2Rescue is a UK charity organization that works to relieve the plight of Romanian stray dogs. They support private shelters with food and bedding, raise donations for veterinary treatments, run education and neutering programs, and they also help some of these dogs to find a furever home not only in the UK but also across Europe.

The founder of this incredible organization, Ms. Alison Standbridge, warned that people in Romania are abandoning their pets at an “alarming rate” amid the coronavirus crisis.

She said: “In the last week alone, our rescuers have picked up over 40 dogs and puppies – all abandoned pets – and there has been no sign of easing up.”

Esther/Dester is now in a foster home and will soon be available to be adopted.



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