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Dead dog found nailed to a wooden board with the message: “This What happens to Dogs Drop Off Here.”

- Arkansas, USA -

⚠️WARNING⚠️The article contains details some of you may find distressing⚠️

On Sunday, November 12, 2023, the White County Sheriff’s Office became aware of a dreadful case in which a deceased dog had been nailed to a sheet of plywood at the intersection of Fairview Road and Panther Creek Road.

In a media release, the sheriff’s office said that on the board there was a spray-painted message that read: “This What happens to Dogs Drop Off Here.”

After the White County Sheriff’s Criminal Investigation Division responded to the scene, a detective spoke with a suspect regarding the incident. The name of the suspect was not released.

As stated in the release, “Upon completion of a full investigation with all facts and evidence related to this case a criminal file will be forwarded to the White County Prosecutor’s Office for review of charges in accordance with the Arkansas Criminal Code.”

THV 11 reports that “While at the scene gathering video for this story, a man drove up to our crew and said he was the one who nailed the dog to the sign. The man said he felt terrible about it, but didn't know what else to do because the area is commonly used as a dumping ground.”

As for the Voiceless Victim, The Daily Citizens reports that he /she “is being held in the Searcy Animal Shelter’s freezer.”

Chuck Niementowski explained to the news outlet that when the furvictim was brought to the shelter, he/she was still nailed to the board and added that staff had trouble removing the spikes. Chuck went on to say that a member of staff said there was blood all over the place leading staff to believe that the incident occurred on the same day or the dog wouldn’t be bleeding like that. Chuck told The Daily Citizens that the dog looks like a Shepherd mix “but it’s hard to say because of the condition it’s in.” Chuck also said: “I sure hope it was already dead.”

Voice For Us Disclaimer: This story is sourced from official news outlets. Links included.

Details may be removed or additional information may be provided in future should such sources report an update.

The Voiceless Victim’s picture was shared from The Daily Citizen.

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Judy A Canon
Judy A Canon
Nov 21, 2023

I just signed a petition for this atrocity. I was horrified. I pray Arkansas steps up & throws this cruel cowardly POS into jail cuz the bowels of HELL is holding a space for this degenerate. RIP BLESSED SOUL.

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