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- North Carolina, USA -

The Rockingham County Sheriff's Office wrote in a Facebook post of June 4, that on March 26, its investigators executed a search warrant at a property on 486 Mosley Loop in Madison.

An investigation led them to believe that an individual was advertising the sale of dogs trained to fight other dogs for sport at that location.

According to the sheriff’s office, “this information was brought to the investigators by an anonymous caller from Canada who had seen these advertisements posted on the internet.”

Once at the property, investigators found 35 dogs.

The sheriff’s office said many of the dogs “had scars and injuries that were consistent with dog fighting and maltreatment. These injuries included scars around the muzzle, head, ears, carpus and hind quarters; along with broken bones, alopecia and teeth that had been worn and filed down. One dog also had 3 BB pellets underneath the skin. The dogs were all located chained to various items throughout the property at 486 Mosley Loop.”

All 35 furbabies were removed from that hellish place and placed in the care of the Rockingham County Animal Shelter.

Investigators additionally seized “a dog treadmill, dog training poles, a breeding rack, multiple vials of lidocaine, dog ear cropping molds, bags of medical equipment and a shock collar.”

In connection with this case, 42-year-old DARRICK LORENZO FULLER (pictured below), of 486 Mosley Loop in Madison, was charged with:

15 counts of cruelty to animals

6 counts of dogfighting

restraining dogs in a cruel manner

mistreatment of animal by prohibited tethering

unauthorized practice of veterinary medicine

The sheriff’s office said that FULLER was apprehended in Washington, D.C. and subsequently extradited back to the Rockingham County Detention Facility.

He is currently under a $350,000 secured bond.

At the Rockingham County Detention Facility, DARRICK LORENZO FULLER does not wear heavy chains like the ones that that poor dogs had on!

He will not be drinking dirty water out of filthy bowls like the ones that the poor dogs had!

He will not be kept in a cell with ankle-deep muddy water like the one in which the poor dogs were found!

In a decent country, laws would allow animal abusers to be treated the same way they treated their victims!

DARRICK LORENZO FULLER, how can you possibly believe that your life matters to me if other breathing beings’ lives do not matter to you?

Get a job, you filthy loser and make an honest living!!!

The investigation is ongoing.

The pictures are stills from the video posted by the Rockingham County Sheriff's Office.

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