DAMIAN BRENT NEWHOUSE arrested on seven animal abuse felonies, including animal cruelty, dogfighting

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

- Indiana, St. Joseph County, USA -

On Wednesday, April 1, South Bend Police were called to a home on East Indiana Avenue in South Bend regarding an animal abuse incident.

As a result, 42-year-old DAMIAN BRENT NEWHOUSE (pictured), was arrested.

It was his wife Stephanie Murray who called the police.

According to the report, after she refused to help him with something, they got into an argument, he became angry and put five of their dogs in the same kennel outside in the backyard.

The couple have a total of nine dogs, four puppies, and five adult dogs.

According to her, the husband knew the dogs did not get along, and they would fight.

That is what happened.

The poor dogs began fighting, and Newhouse poured starter fluid over them.

He then told his wife to come to get her dogs.

Sadly, one dog was euthanized as a result of the injuries, another was seriously injured, and the other three were sent to rescue agencies.

Jennifer Gobel, South Bend Animal Resource Center Manager said: “We expect the majority of the surrendered dogs to be adoptable, but we are still continuing with professional behavioral assessments before making those final determinations.

NEWHOUSE authorized police to search his house.

Officers found items used in dogfighting.

On April 3, NEWHOUSE was charged with five counts of purchasing an animal for use in an animal fighting contest, one count of using an animal in an animal fighting contest, and one count of domestic violence and animal cruelty.

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