CRISTELA CORONADO and JEREMY NATHAN MARTINEZ arrested after a tiger cub and a bobcat were seized

- Texas, USA -

Back on March 16, after an investigation, the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office confiscated a tiger cub, believed to be 13 weeks old, and a bobcat, roughly 5 years old, from a home in the 3100 block of Shane Road.

As reported by KSAT, both furbabies were placed in the care of the San Antonio Zoo.

Zoo officials said in a news that the zoo’s animal care and veterinarian staff believe that both cats were in poor condition.

In connection with this case the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office has arrested two individuals on Friday, April 23.

21-year-old CRISTELA CORONADO and his girlfriend 25-year-old JEREMY NATHAN MARTINEZ (both pictured), have been charged with atrocities against livestock and torture.

KSAT reports that according to an arrest affidavit, deputies found the bobcat inside the dining area of the home and while they were questioning CORONADO, they noticed large paws clawing from the space under the laundry room door.

CORONADO then told deputies there was a tiger in the laundry room.

Animal control said the bobcat appeared to have unstable legs and a limp, while the tiger’s fur appeared to be dry and unkept.

When MARTINEZ returned home, he told deputies that he fed the animals regularly.

A medical examination, however, determined the poor souls were “housed in a manner that causes unwarranted pain or suffering due to lack of nutrition and care.”

Animal Control Services investigator said CORONADO and MARTINEZ “did not maintain the felines in a state of good health due to the failure to provide necessary food, water and veterinary care.”

In a later affidavit it was stated that the tiger appeared to be underweight and in worse condition than the bobcat.

CORONADO and MARTINEZ are no longer in custody.

They were released on a $5,000 bond.

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