Cop criticized for riding a horse painted with an image of COVID-19 to spread awareness

- Andhra Pradesh, India -

With governments taking all possible measures to spread awareness over the highly contagious COVID-19, a police officer in Andhra Pradesh came up with a controversial way to raise awareness among the public about the world’s invisible enemy, COVID-19.

Sub-Inspector MARUTI SANKAR was seen in Pyapili town of Kurnool district riding a white horse who had red circles dotted with lines on his body, resembling the structure of the virus.

Sub-Inspector SANKAR explained to why he used the horse.

He said: People in the villages don’t have easy access to cellphones and television. Hence, the horse was used to visually represent the virus so that they know about it.”

He also added: “Moreover, the horse is also a symbolic representation to explain the speed at which the virus can spread.

His intentions may be genuine, but to many netizens this was animal abuse and they strongly criticized him.

He responded by saying that: “We are using the horse for public awareness. It was not hurt or hit. It was just to help people understand and aware them of coronavirus,”

*Voice For Us’ note: Frankly, I find this revolting. If villagers do not have access to television and are not aware of what is going on, looking at a painted horse does not explain the facts. Police officers can hang signs over themselves with the image of the virus if they want to raise awareness, using an innocent horse and painting his body is NOT the proper way! *


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