SEAN STANFORD arrested after shooting a defenseless cat in the face twice

- New Mexico, USA -

A cat hanging around outside the body shop Solid Tech Performance in southeast Albuquerque, was being loved and fed by the shop’s employees.

The shop owner, 45-year-old SEAN STANFORD (pictured below), did not like that and threatened to kill the furbaby named Vespa.

Last month he showed up with a rifle and shot the poor cat twice in his small face.

An employee, Aiden Hamilton, found Vespa and took him to a local vet but the shots caused him significant damage leading to a huge medical bill.

The Albuquerque Animal Welfare put out a plea for help and Dr. Kris Bannon responded.

He performed surgery on Vespa and removed part of his jaw.

After two surgeries Vespa still has one bullet in his head right under below his tongue area and will need at least another surgery.

This innocent baby is expected to make a full recovery and will be put up for adoption.

Vespa was microchipped and it turned out that he had run away from his home two years ago. His human parent was located but was unable to handle the medical expenses and surrendered Vespa.

The Albuquerque Animal Welfare posted on their Facebook page a statement to thank everyone involved in this case, including the Albuquerque Police Department.

STANFORD was arrested Saturday, September 7, after he could not be immediately located after the incident.

He was charged with two felonies of extreme cruelty to animals and negligent use of a firearm.

KRQE reports that prosecutors are fighting to keep STANFORD behind bars.

A judge initially ordered STANFORD be released on his own recognizance, but after STANFORD’s court appearance on Monday, September 9, the District Attorney’s office filed a motion for pretrial detention.

STANFORD is still being held at the Bernalillo County jail until a judge decides if he’ll remain locked up until trial.


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