BRIAN WILLIAM DOMIN arrested after being captured on video slamming a small dog to the ground

- Oregon, USA -

29-year-old BRIAN WILLIAM DOMIN (pictured below), was arrested Sunday, March 29, after abusing a dog who just had puppies.

He was taken to the Springfield Municipal Jail.

Sgt. Peter Kirkpatrick with Springfield Police Department said on Sunday morning, March 29, they were called to a home on 1615 Dotie Drive about a male beating a dog.

The neighbor who reported the abuse learned that their surveillance camera captured the incident and shared it with the police.

The video shows DOMIN raising a small female dog named Baby Girl above his head and forcefully slamming her to the ground.

In the footage, Baby Girl can be heard yelping and then going quiet.

The video also shows DOMIN verbally accosting a neighbor.

Officer Rosales took Baby Girl to an emergency vet clinic in Springfield to be examined and treated.

The furbaby was then released and placed in the protective custody of the Police Department.

Baby Girl’s medical bill was paid by the police’s CHETT PET funds.

Animal Control officer Brian Austin will conduct all follow-up investigations including the puppies.

DOMIN was arraigned Monday, March 30, on charges of animal abuse and disorderly conduct.

I checked the Department’s Facebook page for recent updates, and I learned that a citizen who fostered Baby Girl, decided to adopt her!

Another piece of good news is that Springfield Animal Control - Oregon advised that DOMIN’s fiancé and co-owner of the dogs agreed to voluntarily surrender all five dogs, including two adults and three puppies.

The dogs were picked up Monday afternoon, March 30, and were transported to Greenhill Humane Society under the city’s sheltering contract.



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