BRENDAN EVANS, Ollie’s murderer, sentenced to ten years in prison

- Florida, USA -

After four long years, 35-years-old BRENDAN EVANS (pictured below), is finally admitting beating and stabbing more than fifty (50) times a defenseless Pitbull later named Ollie, and leaving him trapped inside a suitcase.

The heinous crime happened in Hollywood, Broward County, in 2017.

On Tuesday, November 9, 2021, EVANS was sentenced to ten years in state prison on two counts of animal cruelty.

At first, EVANS denied his involvement in this case and has always proclaimed his innocence until Tuesday’s hearing.

EVANS’ attorney, Michael Gottlieb, told South Florida Sun Sentinel that his client was initially charged with seventeen counts of animal cruelty, but prosecutors agreed to drop fifteen counts in exchange for the guilty plea.

Had EVANS been convicted of all seventeen counts, he could have been sentenced to eighty-five (85) years in prison.

Online records show EVANS has been in jail since November 15, 2017.

Ollie was discovered on October 10, 2017, when a couple who was out for a late-night walk heard frantic cries coming from a blue suitcase not far from EVANS’ apartment and called the police.

Ollie was rushed to VCA Hollywood Animal Hospital in Fort Lauderdale and although vets thought Ollie would recover, the furbaby passed away two days later from the wounds he sustained.

A reward of almost $60,000 was offered in exchange for information leading to the monster responsible for such savagery.

Hollywood Police were able to link the DNA collected from the suitcase to EVANS.

A search conducted on EVANS’s apartment led to the discovery of cat paws and rats with severed heads in his freezer.

Police also found blood stains on the shower curtain and toilet.

The oven was covered with dried blood and animal fur.

Authorities additionally discovered an 18-inch machete under the TV stand, another knife covered with blood and fur on a dresser, and a third knife with a broken handle and blade in a dog bowl.

EVANS was then charged.

The case drew an international outcry sparking understandable fury. According to South Florida Sun Sentinel, EVANS’ first lawyer argued the intense public outcry would make it difficult for EVANS to get a fair trial and suggested waiting until the furor died down.

On Friday, November 12, EVANS is scheduled to appear back in court for a hearing related to a violation of probation from a robbery case in Hernando County. EVANS’s attorney, Michael Gottlieb, said that his client faces up to fifteen years in that case.

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