ASHTEN NICOLE GOECKEL filmed abusing her dog

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

- Georgia, Gwinnett County, USA -

On Tuesday, August 11, the Duluth Police Department was made aware of a video depicting a female abusing her dog.

CBS 46 reports that the abuser is 30-year-old ASHTEN NICOLE GOECKEL (pictured below).

The abuse took place on her apartment balcony at the District Apartment homes in downtown Duluth.

What I saw in the disturbing video is GOECKEL grabbing the defenseless soul by the collar and while she is holding her, she repeatedly slams the small body against a wall.

At some point the pup is down and it’s not clear what she does to her, but she looks around to see if anyone is watching and then repeatedly hits the poor soul with a sandal.

The very same day this monster was tracked down by Duluth Police.

When she was questioned about the incident she confessed and said: “I know I lost my temper on my dog, I am sorry.”

She claimed she lost her temper after experiencing a flare up with Crohn’s disease.

Duluth Police Spokesperson Ted Sadowski said: “She actually, which is more disturbing, picked up the dog and you could physically see her holding the dog and then slamming the dog into the wall.”

As a result of the senseless and cruel abuse, the 18-month-old puppy suffered an eye injury and according to the Department’s post, the furbaby is in protective custody with Gwinnett Animal Shelter/Control and will remain with them until the case is heard.

At that point, a judge may release the dog to a verified rescue group.

ASHTEN NICOLE GOECKEL is already out on a $1,300 bond so if she “experiences a flare up with Crohn’s disease” she can harm animals again!

Sadowski also said: “To do this to something that is defenseless and it’s a small breed already so it can’t defend itself. Like I said, it’s appalling, disturbing, whatever type of adjective you want to use.”

The fact that this crime is only a MISDEMEANOR is appalling and disturbing.

It promotes animal cruelty!!!

It shows no respect and regard whatsoever toward the lives of animals!!!

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