ARCEOLY MENDES arrested for beating his puppy so severely she had to be euthanized

- North Carolina, USA -

The New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office said in a news release that on April 22, deputies with ASU (Animal Service Unit) responded to a home on 1504 Cameron Court about a possible domestic call.

Neighbors heard a dog screaming in the house and noises of something hitting the wall.

Upon arrival, deputies made contact with 22-year-old ARCEOLY MENDES (pictured below).

Deputies asked MENDES to come inside to ensure no one was hurt including his dog and MENDES refused at first.

You are not going to believe this but MENDES’ dog, a 6-month-old Husky puppy named Harley, was on “Check Welfare List” with New Hanover Sheriff’s Office ASU therefore deputies did not need permission to go ahead and check on the furbaby.

Harley was discovered in “horrible condition.

Harley had “multiple broken bones including a broken jaw and broken ribs and bleeding from the mouth.”

The sheriff’s office said the deputy “scooped Harley up and raced her to the emergency veterinarian. The veterinarian determined Harley’s injuries were too severe to overcome and needed to be euthanized.”

Investigators with the ASU unit swore out a warrant for MENDES for felony animal cruelty.

MENDES was arrested on Tuesday, April 27, and given a $3500 secure bond.

This filthy, evil, worthless individual appeared in court the following day.

StarNews Online reports that according to the New Hanover District Attorney's Office Assistant Samantha Dooies, prosecutors requested his bond increase, BUT THE JUDGE LEFT IT WHERE IT WAS!!!

Judge, you and judges like you are the reason behind animal cruelty!

You are a DISGRACE and an EMBARRASSMENT to your profession!!!

An innocent dog is DEAD!!!

What does it take for judges like you to take animal cruelty seriously?

You might as well take off your robe and be disbarred!!!

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