ANTHONY CASTRO was seen by a cop while he was severely abusing his puppy yet puppy remains with him

- Pennsylvania, USA -

Fox 43 reports that on April 16, a York City Police Officer was parked in his patrol car in the area of McKenzie and Springettsbury when he saw 30-year-old ANTHONY CASTRO walking a Pitbull puppy.

At some point, CASTRO started dragging the helpless puppy for 30 yards by the leash raising his front legs in the air leaving the furbaby with his back legs on the ground.

CASTRO then picked up the exhausted and injured pooch and punched him in the ribs.

Officer Tyler Benton witnessed all this and wrote it in his report.

York Dispatch reports that according to court records, as of Tuesday, May 5, ANTHONY CASTRO remains free and has not yet been arraigned on his second-degree misdemeanor charge of cruelty to animals.

Furthermore, the abused puppy was left with his abuser.

It’s unknown whether officer Benton intervened to help the puppy or whether he took him to a vet to be examined.

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