AMANDA GOODWIN arrested for attempting to drown her cat

- Volusia County, Florida, USA -

Mr. Jason O’Keefe, a city employee, called Edgewater Police on Friday, November 8, and reported that while he was driving by, he saw a woman in a drainage culvert holding a cat who was in distress.

The witness saw the woman putting dirt on the poor cat’s head and drowning him in the water in the ditch.

He stopped and tried to help and reportedly the woman told him she was taking the cat to Jesus.

Officers responded to Silver Palm Drive.

On the scene they found 37-year-old AMANDA GOODWIN holding her cat named Hubble.

Both GOODWIN and Hubble were wet and muddy.

Hubble was shivering, trembling, and was terrified.

The furbaby was picked up by Animal Control and taken to Edgewater Animal Shelter.

He is not expected to have any permanent physical injuries.

WESH2 reports that he was then released into the care of one of GOODWIN’s relatives.

AMANDA GOODWIN was arrested and charged with animal cruelty.

She was transported to the Volusia County Branch Jail.



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