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On Sunday, October 10, a Citrus County Sheriff deputy went to a residence on South Frame Point, in Homosassa for an animal cruelty report and on his arrival, he met with an animal control officer.

The animal control officer told the deputy that 35-years-old ALTON RANDOLPH ARMAHIZER (pictured below), and 34-years-old KIMBERLY ANN MANSFIELD were suspected of animal cruelty.

ARMAHIZER took three dogs to the Citrus County animal shelter on October 4, claimed they were strays, and wanted to turn them over.

One of the dogs, Bama, had to have her tail amputated as a result of being infected. Bama’s paws were also “burned” due to the furbaby standing in her own urine for extended periods of time.

Before the deputy arrived at ARMAHIZER’s home, ARMAHIZER admitted to the animal control officer that the three dogs were his and that he had three more at his home. One of the dogs, Phantom, was MANSFIELD’s.

The deputy and the animal control officer then were authorized by ARMAHIZER to check on the dogs and as soon as they entered the residence, they noticed a strong smell of dog feces and urine on the living room floor. The walls of the living room and the area where the dogs were being kept, were smeared with feces so the deputy and the animal control officer quickly exited the home.

The sheriff’s office said the conditions inside the residence were unfit for dogs and humans.

The deputy then arrested ARMAHIZER and took a recorded statement from him.

ARMAHIZER stated that MANSFIELD had left the home approximately four months ago leaving Phantom behind in ARMAHIZER’s care.

ARMAHIZER admitted he was not properly caring for Phantom and for the other five dogs inside the residence during this time frame.

According to ARMAHIZER’s statement, MANSFIELD did not show any interest in Phantom’s wellbeing until a month after she left.

MANSFIELD returned only after ARMAHIZER told her that Phantom was not eating so she took Phantom and left the other dogs in filthy conditions with ARMAHIZER.

ARMAHIZER further stated that MANSFIELD made no attempt to treat or care for the other dogs or make an effort to ask for assistance.

According to ARMAHIZER, MANSFIELD was aware of Bama’s tail’s condition and did not seek treatment.

MANSFIELD was charged with animal cruelty for leaving Phantom at the residence for a month in the unfit conditions.

She was issued a notice to appear in court on the morning of Thursday, October 21, 2021.

ARMAHIZER was arrested on a felony charge of animal cruelty and four misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty.

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