AARON JENKINS arrested after a dog was found dead and another looking like a “walking skeleton”

- Florida, USA -

The discovery of a dead dog and another severely emaciated led to the arrest of 33-year-old AARON JENKINS (pictured below).

The Palm Beach Post reports that on September 20, 2020, Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office investigators were alerted to a dead dog in a property on West 25th Street, just west of Broadway Avenue and south of west Heron Boulevard.

JENKINS was not at the home and officers met his mother.

She told officers the dogs were her son’s and that they were fine.

Once in the yard, officers smelled “a foul odor.”

According to the police report, the mother said: “Oh well she dead.”

The deceased furbaby was a black and white Pitbull named Sky.

She was inside a doghouse covered in green flies

Sky was 8 years old.

Next to Sky there was her baby, a 6-year-old motherless soul named China.

The Palm Beach Post reports that officers wrote in the report: “China was so severely emaciated, she appeared to be a walking skeleton.”

How on earth that woman had the audacity to say the dogs were fine!?

Officers said in addition to little to no body fat on China, her head was sunken in.

Despite that, she was alert and wagged her tail around them.

When officers eventually talked to JENKINS, he told police that he had suffered a shoulder injury.

He claimed that though he had difficulty getting to his dogs, he fed them, but they were sick and were not eating.

Officers rightfully asked him if he took the dogs to be checked by a veterinarian and JENKINS said he did not.

JENKINS surrendered Sky and China over to Animal Care and Control.

A necropsy was performed on Sky and results showed she was emaciated and had fleas and intestinal parasites that were preventable!

As for China, her bloodwork showed the poor baby had a low red blood count because of parasites and starvation among other issues.

As reported by The Palm Beach Post, Dr. Jane Teichner examined Sky and China and said: “It is within medical purveyance to conclude that these dogs were not provided adequate ongoing veterinary preventive care and suffered for weeks to months.”

JENKINS has been charged with two counts of animal cruelty.

He is already out.

He was released from the Palm Beach County Jail on Tuesday, January 5, after posting $2,000 bail.

How is it that in cases of neglect, the abuser has money to post bail but not to feed their animals?

Voice For Us believes that animal abusers should not be allowed to post bail/bond but they should remain in custody until their trial!

AARON JENKINS, when you die, I will just look at you and like your mother I will say: “Oh well, he dead!”

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