A sickening video showing a puppy being tortured by twisted youths is being investigated by DSPCA

Updated: May 9, 2020

- Ireland -

A sickening video has emerged online showing a group of twisted and cruel youths TAKING TURNS at tormenting a defenseless puppy.

The ABUSE was filmed in the backyard of a home in Dublin and these monsters are laughing while a BREATHING BEING is being HARMED AGAINST HER OWN WILL.

The nauseating video shows the helpless furbaby being hurled against a brick wall and then dunked in a shallow pool.

The dog is then picked up by the ears, repeatedly flung into the air and slammed into the water.

The footage was then shared on social media as if it was something to be proud of.

This horrific case prompted DSPCA (The Dublin Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) to launch an investigation.

So far no arrests have been made but I wouldn’t be surprised if these criminals didn’t see a jail cell as result of this horrific crime!

DublinLive reports that the animal service My Lovely Horse Rescue said that their welfare team were dealing with the situation.

The Daily Mail reports that a spokesman for Gardai (the state police force of the Republic of Ireland) said: “The dog has now been identified and is safe and well in the care of its owner. It’s understood the recording was made a number of weeks ago. The video clip appears to involve young people and Gardai are asking members of the public not to circulate this material. The matter is under investigation and Gardai at Ronanstown are following a line of enquiry.”


After checking My Lovely Horse Rescue Facebook page, I learned that the female pooch is now safe with a volunteer named Keith (pictured).

The nonprofit Animals In Donegal AID Sanctuary wrote: “We would like to announce that the owners of the dog have been in constant communication with us for the last 48 hours and it is extremely difficult time for them. After a home visit they have now voluntarily released the dog to us

The Dog is going for a full veterinary assessment tomrrow and care while investigations are on going.

The dog is safe with us and we are working closely with My Lovely Horse Rescue and An Garda Siochana for support.”

WARNING: Video contains distressing content!

Pictures via Daily Mail


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