A false claim is causing black cats to be killed and eaten in Vietnam as a cure for coronavirus

- Vietnam -

A dangerous piece of fake news has spread, claiming that grounding up black cats’ bodies could cure coronavirus.

As a result, thousands of black cats are being killed in Vietnam.

According to the organization “No to Dog Meat” that campaigns for the end of the dog and cat meat trade, cats are being boiled, skinned, cooked, and then turned into a paste to be ingested.

The charity says this barbaric practice is centered around the state’s capital, Hanoi, but it is also being sold online.

"No to Dog Meat" obtained nauseating videos that show rows of dead cats drying in the sun after being slaughtered.

Another piece of sickening footage shows a live cat being boiled.

The Sun reports that Julia de Cadenet, who founded the charity, said: "There is no evidence whatsoever that eating cats cures coronavirus, and even if there was, this inhumane treatment is a level of cruelty that is unacceptable even for those who eat meat. Our human fears about this pandemic should not be used as an excuse to treat defenseless animals who look to us for protection, with utter contempt."

Pictures via The Sun


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