A dog is fighting for his precious life after being shot in the face

- Maryland, USA -

On Monday morning, April 20, Baltimore City Animal Control responded to the West Forest Park neighborhood about a stray dog who was found lying on a porch of a home, covered in blood.

Officers knocked on the door, but no one opened.

Neighbors said they had never seen that pup before.

Officers noticed that blood was coming from the furbaby’s mouth and nose.

He was immediately rushed to BARCS (Baltimore Animal Rescue & Care Shelter) and staff named him Fred.

Fred was examined by the shelter’s veterinary team and it was determined that he needed to be transferred immediately to the ER.

‪Under the emergency care of BARCS’ Franky Fund partner hospital, X-rays revealed that Fred had been shot in the face, just to the right of his nose.

Hospital staff believed the gunshot wound was fresh and likely happened that morning or the night before.

While Fred was at the ER, BARCS were tracing his microchip information.

BARCS wrote in their Facebook post that the information led them “to a distraught owner who had been feverishly searching for her missing dog since the day before.”

Fred’s mom is going crazy at the thought that he had been shot.

It’s unclear why Fred was out of his home without his mom.

The beautiful pup is now fighting for his precious life while he is still under the care at the Franky Fund hospital.

BARCS also wrote in their Facebook page that Fred’s mom is facing financial hardship and cannot fully afford all the medical expenses, so BARCS is seeking donations.

Anyone who can afford to donate toward Fred’s medical bills can do it online.

As for the criminal aspect of this case, Baltimore City Animal Control and Baltimore City Police are asking the public for information leading to the person(s) that shot Fred.

Anyone who has information related to this case, please come forward and speak up!

You can call 311 and anonymously submit tips to track down the vile individual (s) that did this to an innocent dog!. Thank you!

*Voice For Us believes that not reporting animal cruelty is the same as committing it!*

Picture via BARCS Animal Shelter


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