Young pup with head stuck through the hole of a spare tire rim rescued

- California, USA -

A 3-month-old Australian cattle dog got her head stuck through the middle of a spare tire rim.

It happened Wednesday, January 22, in Coachella.

Jose Cisneros, Riverside County Animal Services officer, responded to the scene.

He tried to use oil to lubricate the pup's head in hopes of slipping it through the center hole of the tire.

The poor furbaby appeared to have a swollen neck so the officer took her to the Coachella Valley Animal Campus where the pooch, now named Wheelie Pup, was sedated.

A Riverside County Fire crew was called in.

Firefighters Virgil Messer and Tony Bribiesca used a sawzall to cut out the wheel and rescued Wheelie Pup.

The furbaby ate some food after being freed and will remain under observation.




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