Woman convicted in Echuca over animal cruelty

- Victoria, Australia -

The RSPCA Victoria received a complaint about animals living in poor conditions in an Echuca home.

When RSPCA inspectors responded to the address, they found a young Kelpie Doberman-cross with her ribs and spine protruding.

Shepparton News reports that the resident at the house said the puppy was not hers.

She explained that the puppy’s guardian was travelling interstate and that she had been put in charge of the furbaby named Jedda.

When inspectors made contact with Jedda’s guardian, she chose to surrender Jedda to RSPCA Victoria.

The furbaby was taken to a local veterinarian who determined she was emaciated and dehydrated.

Results from blood tests confirmed the cause of her condition was simply lack of adequate nutrition for multiple weeks.

Before being placed in foster care, Jedda was hospitalized and placed on fluids.

The sweet baby was weighing just 3.36kg.

The identity of the evil woman who did this to her has not been made public.

During an online court hearing this month, she was convicted for failing to provide an animal with sufficient food or drink and failing to provide veterinary or other appropriate attention or treatment.

She was only fined $1,500 and ordered to pay costs of $207.10.

The accused was banned from being in charge of any dog for only five years.

RSPCA Inspectorate team leader Karen Collier said: “It’s heartbreaking to see animals are still not receiving the most basic standard of care. Last financial year, we received almost 4000 cruelty reports relating to animals with insufficient food and water provided, and over 2800 reports relating to underweight animals.”

Thankfully, Jedda’s weight increased by 62 per cent within eight days at the RSPCA Burwood clinic, where she received ongoing care and assessment.

She has since been adopted into a loving family who has renamed her Juno and she is thriving! (Second picture).

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