UPDATE: SHANNON DOLAN sentenced but will not be going to jail after shooting her dogs with a BB gun

- California, USA -

Update on Luna and Dozer, the dogs abused by their former guardian.

For a long time, Luna, a Pitbull, and Dozer a Boxer, have been the innocent victims of someone who was supposed to love them and take care of them.

Their former guardian, SHANNON DOLAN, of Alta Sierra, had been shooting them with pellets from a BB gun causing them to suffer from multiple broken bones left untreated.

On November 13, 2019, a report was submitted to animal control about an injured dog on the side of Bald Hill Road near Lime Kiln Road in Grass Valley.

While animal control officers were making their way to the scene, they were notified that the furbaby had been taken to a local vet to be treated.

The injured dog was Dozer and he had been transported to Mother Lode Veterinary Hospital in Grass Valley.

Mrs. Tricia Dowden works at the hospital and speaking at the time, she told The Union: “Once we took X-rays, the pellets lit up the entire screen. He was laying there, as sad as could be.”

DOLAN’s pre-sentence report stated that “Dozer had scabs and scars on his head and mouth, with blood on his head and front paws. The X-rays revealed about approximately 56 pellet gun projectiles, of at least two different sizes, throughout his body. Dozer also had a severely broken jaw and several cracked teeth.”

It was also determined that the injuries appeared to be at least two to four weeks old.

Once Dozer was linked to DOLAN, animal control officer Stefanie Geckler went to DOLAN’s home to question her.

At the home, officer Geckler observed that DOLAN had another dog, Luna.

The poor Pitbull had a scar on her head, a “cauliflowered” ear and a severe limp.

During the investigation, it emerged that DOLAN had taken Luna to the vet several weeks earlier with broken teeth, a broken rib, and a severely fractured femur.

According to the report, the presence of a projectile embedded in her tibia indicated that she had been shot.

After officer Geckler saw Luna, and after talking with the veterinarian, she determined the furbaby had not received the necessary medical care.

The report also stated: “It should be noted that Dozer and Luna had a combined 67 pellet-type projectiles embedded in their bodies, with many of the entry sites having already healed, indicating the person responsible for the cruelty had access to both dogs over an extended period of time.”

The day following officer Geckler’s visit, a search warrant was served at DOLAN’s home.

According to the report, officials discovered “numerous pellets, BBs, partially loaded pellet rounds, projectiles, pellet holes in numerous walls and several air rifle type weapons.”

Luna was taken into protective custody.

On December 12, 2019, a felony criminal complaint was filed against DOLAN.

Deputy District Attorney Cambria Lisonbee said DOLAN never admitted to having shot the dogs, “However, the evidence was pretty overwhelming.”

After taking a plea agreement, on December 11, 2020, SHANNON DOLAN was sentenced on one count of felony animal cruelty and gifted with only two years-probation, six hours of individual therapy, 20 days in jail to be served on work release, and a ten-year ban on pet ownership.

The cruel female is also rightfully responsible for paying for Luna and Dozer’s medical bills.

Ms. Lizette Taylor, Director of Sammies’ Friends Shelter, said that Luna and Dozer have been adopted.

Dozer, who had been fostered by Tricia Dowden of Mother Lode Veterinary Hospital, ended up staying with her and her husband Steve.

The Dowdens had initially fostered both Luna and Dozer.

Luna was then moved to another foster home.

Tricia and Steve said the decision to make Dozer a permanent member of the family was an easy one.

Tricia said: “He’s just a very special dog, not just because of what happened to him, but because of who [he] is. He’s a funny, sweet boy.”

Tricia explained that Dozer’s jaw had to be reconstructed after it had been broken and left untreated for a month.

She also said that a lot of dead bone was removed before the jaw was pinned and plated.

Despite the senseless and unnecessary ordeal Dozer has experienced, he is doing well, and he has put on weight.

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