UPDATE: Monster who viciously beat a 3-month-old puppy and dumped her in a trash sentenced

- Son Gallard, Majorca, Spain -

Two years after a 3-month-old puppy was viciously beaten and dumped in a trash can as if her life did not matter, the case has gone to trial.

Her abuser, a 22-year-old male whose identity has not been disclosed, made an appearance in court and pleaded guilty.

Mallorcadiario.com reports that since the dog did not die, the maximum sentence that could be imposed was one year and that is what the Prosecutor’s Office requested.

However, an agreement between the parties will lock the monster behind bars for only six months.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reports that the sentence was suspended, and the defendant was ordered to take a training course in animal education and protection and is banned from owning animals for three years.

The furbaby was found in mid-April 2018 by a couple who then named her Vida (Spanish for life) and adopted her.

Vida had been barbarically beaten and then placed in a cloth bag before being tossed into the garbage can.

The Good Samaritans, Seas and Mari, heard Vida crying in excruciating pain and after rescuing her, they immediately alerted the nonprofit ‘Asociación Peluditos de Son Reus’.

Vida was rushed to a veterinary clinic.

She suffered serious injuries and was in a semi-comatose mental state with a craniocerebral trauma, a lung contusion, a rib fracture, and cardiorespiratory arrest.

Officers with the SEPRONA Guardia Civil conducted an investigation and were able to track down the defendant after Vida’s DNA was matched to a puppy who had been sold.

He was taken into custody and was released after he gave his statement.

Vida has since partially recovered. She is still experiencing vision problems.

She is living happily with Seas and Mari who said: “Despite her condition, we knew we wanted her to stay with us. We gave it ‘Life’ because after the horrible thing that happened to her and she managed to survive, we wanted her to have a long life.”

Many thanks Seas and Mari for rescuing Vida and for giving her her life back!

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