UPDATE: KHALEEM BARINGER convicted of beating his dog with baseball bat killing her and burying her

- Nebraska, USA -

21-year-old KHALEEM BARINGER (pictured below), has been convicted of animal cruelty for attacking his dog and then burying her in his backyard.

On Tuesday, October 13, in Buffalo County District Court, BARINGER, of Kearney, pleaded no contest to the felony charge.

As part of a deal, a charge of using a deadly weapon to commit a felony was dismissed by the Buffalo County Attorney’s Office.

~ Original story:

On Wednesday, June 24, the Kearney Police Department received a report about the abuse of a dog at Countryside Trailer Court, 1920 15th Avenue in Kearney.

Kearney Hub reported back then that court records stated a witness told police that BARINGER’s dog named Mary Jane, had defecated in the house and then nipped at a woman who was inside the home, who tried to put Mary Jane in her kennel.

This infuriated BARINGER, who then grabbed a baseball bat and unmercifully hit Mary Jane in the head several times.

The furbaby ran into the bathroom and jumped in the bathtub.

BARINGER followed Mary Jane and continued to hit the helpless pup.

The woman who had tried to put Mary Jane in the kennel went into the bathroom and found her alive.

It was unclear to many of us why she did not attempt to take Mary Jane away from the house.

When BARINGER went back into the bathroom, Mary Jane ran away.

Hitting a defenseless and injured dog was clearly not cruel enough for BARINGER;

he had to inflict more pain, so he grabbed the poor soul and stabbed her at least once.

Finally, this sick monster wrapped Mary Jane in towels and buried her in the yard behind a shed.

Police obtained a search warrant for the house.

In the master bedroom, officers found blood spatter on the wall and window.

There was also blood spatter in the bathroom, although it had been cleaned before the police arrived.

Officers observed blood inside and outside a trash can.

In the backyard, police discovered Mary Jane partially buried.

Mary Jane was taken to the Kearney Area Animal Shelter where she was cleaned, and a puncture wound was discovered on the right side of her chest.

Her skull and jaw were also broken.

The bat was confiscated as evidence.

KHALEEM BARINGER was arrested on Wednesday, June 24, for cruelty to an animal, a Class III A felony, and for use of a weapon to commit a Class II felony.

He was booked into Buffalo County Jail, where he remained without bond.

This murderer is scheduled to be sentenced in December.

He faces only up to three years in prison.

*Voice For Us believes that the murder of animals should be tried applying the same standards used in human cases. Life is life whether it comes on legs, paws, or wings!*

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