UPDATE: JERRY DALLAS TILLMAN JR. convicted of felony animal cruelty

- Florida, USA -

UPDATE on 67-year-old JERRY DALLAS TILLMAN JR. (pictured below).

WPTV reports that on Tuesday, November 24, TILLMAN JR. was convicted of felony animal cruelty.

Judge Chip Bauer sentenced him to 3-years felony probation, 120 hours community service, $1,434 retribution to the Humane Society of the Treasure Coast, and he also ordered a life ban on owning dogs.

~ Original story:

On Monday, August 3, the Martin County Sheriff’s Office seized four dogs from a home on the 60 block of Northeast 18th Street in Stuart.

To say that the furbabies were living in poor condition is an understatement!

One of the dogs, a Yorkshire Terrier named Zowie, escaped from the home and was found by animal control.

Zowie was covered in a massive amount of fleas and had little fur.

Investigators identified TILLMAN JR. as Zowie’s guardian and went to his home.

A deputy asked him if he had other dogs and TILLMAN JR. said no.

Sheriff Major John Budensiek said that the deputy heard some barking inside the home and told TILLMAN JR.: “ ‘Come on, there’s more”.

So, investigators went in and discovered another Yorkshire Terrier named Bitty.

Bitty, just like Zowie was covered in fleas, and was missing fur.

The poor soul was blind in one eye and had matted fur over the other eye.

In the home there were two additional dogs locked up in cages, a Chihuahua named Pepe and a Labrador mix named Buttercup.

All furbabies were seized and examined by a veterinarian.

Sadly, Bitty and Zowie were euthanized.

TC Palm reported that Sheriff’s Maj. John Budensiek said: “Now that the dogs have been examined, and then they were subsequently euthanized (by a veterinarian) because they were in such poor condition, the case isn’t over. That was the beginning of the case.”

JERRY DALLAS TILLMAN JR. was issued a notice to appear in court.

At that time, there was no mention about TILLMAN’s wife, 69-year-old KATHLEEN TILLMAN, as to if she was going to face charges as well.

Today that is still unclear.

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