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UPDATE: GARRIOTT J. COX and PAMELA J. ARRINGTON sentenced to serve 60 days in jail

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

- Maryland, USA -

UPDATE on 54-year-old GARRIOTT J. COX and 52-year-old PAMELA J. ARRINGTON (both pictured below).

Circuit Court Judge Vicki Ballou-Watts sentenced the couple, of the 10000 block of Bird River Road in Middle River, to serve 60 days in prison and ordered them to pay $100,000 in restitution to Animal Services.

The Baltimore Sun reports that as part of the sentence, the pair were ordered to be put on supervised probation for three years and prohibited from possessing an animal while on probation.

Additionally, COX and ARRINGTON must submit to an updated mental health evaluation and follow any recommended treatment.

COX and ARRINGTON used to run "Colony Cats of Bird River and Beyond" which provided adoption services for cats in the Middle River area.

When in September 2019, ARRINGTON took some cats to the Maryland SPCA for treatment, staff became concerned about their condition and alerted Baltimore County Animal Services.

This triggered an investigation.

On September 24, 2019, officers entered the garage of the couple’s home and were "immediately met with very high levels of cat urine smell and ammonia."

There were about 50-55 cats in the garage.

A first search was conducted on October 9, 2020, when 15 cats were found dead and 70 were seized from the property.

The helpless creatures were trapped in filthy cages without food or water.

A veterinarian from Baltimore County Animal Services was on-site and determined that about half of the cats were suffering from illnesses like infections, ulcers, leukemia, conjunctivitis, and upper respiratory infections among others.

A few days later, authorities went back for an additional search and found 59 dead cats.

Two dogs, a bird, and 74 cats were removed.

The duo were indicted November 4, 2020.

They were each charged with more than 60 animal cruelty charges.

The couple later sued the police in an attempt to get back some of those surviving animals!

On November 11, 2020, both COX and ARRINGTON were found guilty of three of the 63 counts of animal cruelty and failure to provided food, drink and care.

Adam Lippe, a prosecutor with the state’s attorney’s office, said that while the pair were being sentenced, they showed no remorse for their actions.

Lippe said: “To let this happen to animals for a long period of time and trying to profit it from was horrendous — they had no sense of remorse. They never said they were sorry for what they did.”

These despicable individuals and soulless killers will only spend 60 days behind bars.

Another case where there is no justice for the victims.

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